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My Random Theory of Reality

It has been a while since I publish something new. I need to jumpstart my writing habit again. So, I want to take it easy for myself and write whatever that comes to my mind.

Habits Humans

Humans = Habit-based Programs (Part 1/3)

This is the first part of the Humans = Habit-based Programs post. I’ve been learning quite a lot about habits, implement it myself, and it works so far. I would like to share about it, on how it could make oneself better or worse, and the things one must be aware about habits.


What if your stomach can taste?

The first random post! I made this post based on the question why we should not mix random food on the table: because it will taste weird. Though in reality, we mixed those foods inside our stomach. Ever wonder what it would taste like? Click on the title to read more…